My Remote IT Department
Are you raving about your current computer support provider? Our clients are. They think of us as their Information Technology Department. They rest easy knowing that they have someone in their corner who cares about them, cares about their computers, and will work hard to fix their problems.

We provide computer support services to small and medium businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Our flagship service, My Remote IT Department is a complete managed IT service for businesses with 5 to 100 PCs. We also install and service networks, LANs, PCs and servers.

What is an IT Department? An IT (Information Technology) Department is a group of dedicated technology professionals tasked with managing and maintaining information technology systems for businesses so that employees can maintain the highest levels of productivity. Historically, only large companies can afford to have a group dedicated to this task. ACE Technology Group has engineered a service that allows your small business to enjoy this level of technology support.

Why do I want an IT Department? If your business uses email, the Internet, has PCs, servers, or networks then you probably have experienced problems with them. Sometimes they seem like nothing but problems. Computers are complex and the Internet is the wild west for unsafe software. Even small businesses need to have functioning reliable computer systems. We help you have the most reliable and functional systems your budget allows. We become your partner to help you leverage technology to improve your business.

Why do I need a Remote IT Department? By working remotely, we can respond faster and have fewer staff. This translates into savings for you. Every minute your computers aren't working costs you money. By using the Internet to remotely diagnose and fix problems we can get you up and running faster than if you had to wait for a tech to visit your office. And because we travel much less than traditional technicians, we can service more clients over a large region with fewer people.

With My Remote IT Department small and medium businesses can afford to have the same level of computer support services as Fortune 500 businesses. My Remote IT Department is a single source for all your businesses computer needs. For a low monthly service fee you can share in our centralized computer infrastruuture and network resources.