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HIPAA Security Compliance – 4 Part Series

HIPAA TIPS: Implementing a Security Management Process – Part 1

Lead Your Culture, Select Your Team, and Learn Designate a Security Officer(s): Your security officer will be responsible for developing and maintaining your security practices to meet HIPAA requirements. The security officer will work with others to protect your patients’ electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) from unauthorized access. Discuss HIPAA Security Requirements with Your EHR […]


HIPAA TIPS: Implementing a Security Management Process – Part 2

Document Your Process, Findings, and Actions The HIPAA Security Rule requires you to document your risk analysis and HIPAA-related policies, procedures, reports, and activities. Also, if you are attesting for Meaningful Use, you are required to retain all records that support attestation. Review Existing Security of ePHI (Perform Security Risk Analysis) In the risk analysis […]


HIPAA TIPS: Implementing a Security Management Process – Part 3

Manage and Mitigate Risks Implement Your Action Plan Your action plan should address all five HIPAA security components. Follow your action plan and support ongoing efforts to identify, assess, and manage risks. Prevent Breaches by Educating and Training Your Workforce All of your workforce members — employees, volunteers, trainees, and contractors — need education and […]


HIPAA TIPS: Implementing a Security Management Process – Part 4

Attest for Meaningful Use Security-Related Objective You can register for the Meaningful Use Programs anytime, but to attest, you must meet the Meaningful Use requirements for an EHR reporting period. So, only attest after you have conducted your security risk analysis (or reassessment), corrected any identified issues, and documented those changes. Monitor, Audit, and Update […]


Why you need to have a physical security policy

Physical security and the healthcare sector Healthcare data is extremely valuable, so it comes as no surprise that recent security and data breaches at healthcare facilities have been making headlines. Just how valuable is it? Personal health records routinely fetch more than credit card data on the black market. This is why your physical IT […]


Your password is weaker than you think

Passwords are still a major security weakness. Easy-to-crack passwords can render even the most sophisticated (and expensive) security measures powerless. Yet despite this vulnerability being well known, too many of us persist with passwords that are weak, easy to guess or repeated across multiple log-ins. It’s understandable: most users struggle to remember different passwords for the […]