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Support Desk Technician; Memphis, Tennessee born and Orlando, Florida raised; B.S. in Computer Science

from University of Alabama

Having worked in the IT industry for 4 years, Adam has developed a passion for cloud computing and the positive impacts it can have on modern day businesses. He is known for his adaptability and upbeat attitude, always eager to provide effective, understandable solutions to clients.

Adam’s friendly and sociable personality makes him easy to talk to inside and outside of professional settings. This drives his ability to successfully help clients when they are experiencing IT difficulties.

Outside of work, Adam can be found getting fresh air on the basketball court or hitting a strike at the bowling alley before going home and binging his favorite TV shows.

  • Excited about introducing customers to solutions through new technologies
  • Passionate about bowling, basketball, and video games
  • Won’t give up movies and popcorn
  • Wants to be remembered as a caring, trustworthy person that others can rely on