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Support Desk Technician; North Wales, PA; Associate of the Sciences, Network Administration from DeVry University

After spending 10 years in working in the IT industry, Christopher has become passionate about networking and technology. His love for puzzles allowed him to develop top-notch problem-solving and analytical skills—perfect for providing IT solutions!

Christopher is always looking for ways to gain more knowledge and grow, as he has had a knack for tech all his life. From this, he has developed a reputation as courteous and capable to clients. His efficiency combined with his customer service-oriented attitude allows no stone to go unturned when searching for the right solutions.

In his free time, you will most likely catch Christopher riding his motorcycle or doing mechanical repairs of his own. His love of orangutans motivates him to donate to his favorite non-profit: the Orangutan Outreach project.

  • Excited about being involved in a business that takes a more personal approach to IT service
  • Passionate about golf
  • Won’t give up learning new things
  • Wants to be remembered as someone open to growth and bettering themself