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David Moser

Field Services Specialist, Philadelphia native, A+ certified, Member IEEE In the industry for 45 years; gained engineering experience with the United States Navy, DecisionOne (where he worked with Chris)/Bell Atlantic BSS/Sorbus, and TestWare Inc.

Known as a jack of all trades, David is recognized for his troubleshooting, designing, and building and fixing electronic/mechanical devices. Clients are amazed by his patience and by the fact that he does “such nice clean work.”

David joined ACE in 2006 after holding the position of Senior Test Engineer for one of the nation’s largest independent computer services companies. He also served as partner and president of a start-up that designed and built test systems for companies in the automotive, avionics, and pharmaceutical industries.

His first computer was a hybrid Apple I/II that he hand built from chips, caps, and resistors. Since then, David has designed, built, and programed a large variety of computer-controlled systems and devices. He is also an experienced installer of computer network infrastructure wiring, building automation, audio visual, and security camera and access systems.

On Sundays and when David is not working at ACE, he is almost always working on something. When he takes a break, he likes spending time with family. He enjoys reading technical manuals, building rustic furniture, and helping friends and family with “projects.”

  • Excited about promptness, neatness, not forgetting, solving problems
  • Passionate about computers and electronics, building and fixing things, technology and politics
  • Won’t give up working