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Eric Gallardo

Support Desk Technician; Philadelphia, PA; Associates in Electronics Engineering

Eric has always been passionate about helping people and solving problems. For over 14 years, as a Support Desk Technician, with four of those years in a disaster recovery role. He has a knack for talking to customers and making them comfortable. Eric can explain technical issues and solutions to “non-technical” people easily. No geek speak here!

During the warmer months, Eric enjoys spending his free time at one of the local golf courses. During the colder months, be enjoys a good movie or gaming. Eric’s favorite non-profit is the United Way. After being involved with clothing and school supply drives, he was able to see the positive impact it made on the community.

  • One thing he will not give up is his sense of humor.
  • Spends his weekends doing various outdoor activities or watching football.
  • Wants to be remembered as someone who had an overall sense of warmth.