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Jeff Spotts

Chief Operating Officer (COO); Hatfield, PA native; Montgomery Community College grad; Microsoft Certified System Engineer; husband to Angela and proud father of 2 boys and 2 furry children.

Has a strong background in the Service, Distribution / Manufacturing, Health Care, Legal, and Financial industries and 20 years’ worth of experience; worked for Advantage Computer Consulting and The LLB Group before reconnecting with high school friend Chris, referring clients from a different niche in the same industry, and eventually joining ACE.

Known for the ability to fix and/or make technology work for our customers, Jeff also has a real knack for developing relationships and getting to know our customers’ businesses as they apply to technology. He’s amazing at breaking down the issues to find the root cause of a problem. For clients, “he sticks with it and is able to decipher geek speak.”

On Sundays and when not working, Jeff spends time with family, the Honey-do list, walks the dogs, fixes stuff, watches his sons play soccer or plays soccer himself, hopefully on two wheels going to different sites

  • Truly loves learning about our customers’ businesses and engineering and applying technology to improve their businesses; enjoys the diversity of working in so many different industries…at ACE, not too many of our days are the same 😉
  • Passionate about spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, motorcycles, wood working, outdoor activities/adventures—would love to travel more—and In Ian’s Boots, which is near and dear to his heart
  • Won’t give up his family
  • Wants to be remembered as a loving dad, husband, and friend; someone who is honest and fair…hopefully contributed to sharing a laugh