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Buying equipment? Why it pays to get it right the first time.

Office equipment has a limited lifespan. How limited? The average computer maxes out after just over four years. For other machines, it’s even shorter. Some businesses incorrectly assume it’s smarter to save up and wait until there’s a problem to replace important equipment. In reality, dated devices cost more than just capital and can actually make […]

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Humans of Healthcare

With healthcare being a huge target of cybercrime, the immediate concern is likely with regard to how it will coincide with any HIPAA regulation – or revealing any failure to comply.  First thoughts usually go to the business side of a situation. How much will this cost?  Will we be fined?  Will we have to […]

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Psychological hacks to make your office more productive

Productive employees are the cornerstone of any sustainable business. Lost work due to factors like distractions or disengagement costs upwards of $650 billion annually. Companies that can’t close the productivity gap may find themselves in a vicious, expensive cycle as employees become increasingly dissatisfied. Business News Daily explains, “Productivity loss causes a longer workday, which […]

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HIPAA Stats & Facts

We couldn’t call them fun facts, because there’s really not a lot that one could label “fun” when it comes to HIPAA, but we thought we’d take a look at some of the statistics and facts in a summary fashion. HIPAA, often misspelled HIPPA, stands for the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act. This federal law […]

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A Sigh of Cyber Relief

The passing of the recent COVID-19 relief Bill last week includes funding that will be set aside to address cybersecurity concerns and a rise in the issues that have increased as a result of the pandemic.  As we often say when the topic can become divisive or political, regardless of which side you stand on, this is […]

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To the Moon!

Are you familiar with the United States Space Force (USSF)?  This branch of the US Air Force military was established in recent years to protect and secure space, just as it does for air, land, and sea with other branches. This past month in the news, it was announced that Space Force was hiring or transferring from […]

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