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Cybercriminals are coming for your business. Here are 5 simple ways to keep them out

Now, more than ever is it crucial to elevate the cybersecurity measures at your company. Small businesses have been easy prey for cybercriminals during the pandemic. A shift to remote work meant hackers had their pick of unsecured home networks and devices. Now, as many businesses move back to in-office work, it’s likely the transition […]

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4 ways to protect your business against risk

Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to risk. This is because it’s difficult (from both an expense and resource perspective) to recover from a risk incident. External risks can come from a range of places: financial markets, technology providers, legal liabilities, accidents, natural disasters and more. Whichever risks are relevant to your industry, it’s vital […]

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The future of network security

Network security worries have long kept the C-suite awake at night. What challenges do businesses face and how can executives overcome them? Emerging risks The network security game has changed considerably in recent years and will no doubt continue to evolve well into the future. Enterprises are now expanding their networks both geographically and through […]

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Four ways to enhance your endpoint security

It’s quite likely you use several devices, such as a smartphone and a laptop or desktop PC, to run your business. Each device, however, represents an access point for threats like viruses and malware. Endpoint security aims to secure these network ‘endpoints’ so that suspicious online activities are blocked at the point of entry. The […]

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SECURITY ALERT: ALL WiFi Networks are Vulnerable!

You may have recently heard about the KRACK WiFi vulnerability that affects all WiFi network devices. The vulnerability in the WPA and WPA2 protocols affects EVERY WiFi Router, all access points and client devices (ie: Laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart audio (Sonos), etc). The vulnerability was announced on Monday, October 10th, […]

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Endpoint security: How to protect your company

Protect your valuable data with endpoint security Modern technology presents a potential security nightmare for IT. Ransomware attacks and well-publicized cases such as the loss of a laptop with sensitive data by a US Secret Service agent have highlighted the risks involved in defending critical assets against loss or theft. With more data than ever being stored […]

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