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HIPAA IT Security tips


From patient experience to alerting the public about the pandemic, individuals and corporations are taking to the ‘digital airwaves’ of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to spread awareness and messaging. This sounds like a great idea.  You have essentially free airtime to a large audience, right? Well yes, but you also have the eyes […]

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Fake Supplements

Buying a knockoff purse or jersey is one thing, and we can take you down a rabbit hole of “why you shouldn’t do that” that would occupy you for hours. But when it comes to items you ingest and don’t simply wear, you need to pay attention. Supplementing your healthcare regime with vitamins, shakes, or […]

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Dark Web Dangers

With healthcare being a top target in the world of cybercrime, it never hurts to do a review every so often of the landscape and of the players in the game. We’ll also take a look at how you might be compromised without even knowing it or suspecting it could happen. A Lay of the […]

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Humans of Healthcare

With healthcare being a huge target of cybercrime, the immediate concern is likely with regard to how it will coincide with any HIPAA regulation – or revealing any failure to comply.  First thoughts usually go to the business side of a situation. How much will this cost?  Will we be fined?  Will we have to […]

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