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HIPAA IT Security tips

4 ways to protect your business against risk

Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to risk. This is because it’s difficult (from both an expense and resource perspective) to recover from a risk incident. External risks can come from a range of places: financial markets, technology providers, legal liabilities, accidents, natural disasters and more. Whichever risks are relevant to your industry, it’s vital […]

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The future of two-factor authentication

After years of lectures from security experts, businesses have finally begun to accept that a password alone isn’t enough to secure a corporate computing account. Enter two-factor authentication (2FA). It strengthens security by using an additional login method, such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition. Two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly important as passwords fall victim […]

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Your password is weaker than you think

Passwords are still a major security weakness. Easy-to-crack passwords can render even the most sophisticated (and expensive) security measures powerless. Yet despite this vulnerability being well known, too many of us persist with passwords that are weak, easy to guess or repeated across multiple log-ins. It’s understandable: most users struggle to remember different passwords for the […]

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Is your business data compliant?

Governments around the world are tightening up laws governing how businesses gather, store, and secure user data. This is increasingly challenging as data is now a commodity not constrained by national borders. There is also a vast amount of data being produced, meaning the sheer volume involved can overwhelm businesses, especially SMBs with limited resources. […]

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3 steps for mobile medical data security

Mobile medical professionals need mobile medical data. Whether they’re taking files from office to office for consultation or carrying patient information for in-home visits, data is as much a part of the modern professional’s kit as a stethoscope. This means that data security also needs to ‘go mobile’ to make sure sensitive information is always […]

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Learn how the IoT is transforming healthcare

Medical devices have always been at the forefront of technology. Modern equipment has integrated wired and wireless networking technology for some time, allowing access to real-time patient information and improved treatment. The Internet of Things (IoT) is another great leap for patient care. One of the medical sector’s biggest challenges is managing information collected directly […]

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10 tips for online security

One of the few industries that will never see budget cuts is security – especially cyber security. As the world grows ever more complex and connected, our valuable information is increasingly exposed to malicious actors from all corners of the globe. However, there are experts working behind the scenes to fight the good fight, thwarting […]

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