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HIPAA IT Security tips


This week we’re taking a look at the HITECH Act and an overview of what it is and how it relates to HIPAA. Formed in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was introduced as part of an economic stimulus package to promote and expand the awareness and adoption of […]

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Vaccination Scams

It hasn’t even been available for a minute and we’re already being warned about scams surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination.  With healthcare being a huge target for cybercrime already, this isn’t surprising. Consumers should be aware of phone calls, text messages, social media links and posts, emails, and even in person tactics that will be used […]

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Notification Rule

Timing is Everything A data breach within your business. You think it won’t happen, you hope it doesn’t happen, but what if it does happen? What are your next steps? Like most things in healthcare, timing is essential. You need to think quickly and act swiftly during a time when your head might not be […]

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Wearable Technology

The saying goes that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but the reality for many people today is that you’re never fully dressed until you put on your smartwatch. Or your phone in your pocket. Or your health and fitness monitor at the gym. These component pieces are now standard in our attire and […]

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Systemic Noncompliance

The story narrative varies slightly from episode to episode, but the outcome is generally the same.  Pay a fine, make a plan, regret not doing this all in the first place.  This isn’t some soap opera or Netflix binge-worthy series; this is real life and the characters are the healthcare industry and Office for Civil […]

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Statistically Speaking

Three universities recently conducted a joint study of participants that aimed to explore their likelihood of being monetarily incentivized to violate HIPAA regulations. The pilot study involved medical residents or individuals in an executive MBA program, with some of those participants already in health care executive roles.  Of the 64 medical students and 32 executive MBA candidates, […]

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