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5 IT choices that can immediately counter climate change

Building a green business is an important goal – but it doesn’t have to be purely altruistic. On average, environmentally-friendly businesses save more money, are more productive and have better overall reputations. In fact, 88% of consumers say they want businesses to be more environmental and ethical. It’s actually the basis for most of their purchasing decisions, […]

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Maximize Microsoft Teams with these top productivity tricks

This past year solidified that digital collaboration and communication tools are critical for any modern business. As the global workforce went remote, organizations looking to get ahead of the digital curve largely turned to Microsoft Teams to stay connected and productive. The collaboration app nearly doubled its number of daily active users over the last 12 months, […]

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How can we make AI more equitable and free of bias?

Humans are biased. While many of these biases are implicit or unconscious, they can be especially harmful when applied automatically. Like, say, when they’re programmed into artificial intelligence systems. Left unchecked, it can be easy for human developers to unknowingly infuse algorithms with certain preferences. The most troubling algorithmic biases skew unfair and can be […]

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Human Aspect of Security

It can be so frustrating to try to convince people that we “know better” than they do.  Especially when it comes to health or safety right?  You want them to know so that you can protect them! It’s like parenting, they need to make mistakes to learn, but nothing too catastrophic. Cybersecurity is not too […]

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Buying equipment? Why it pays to get it right the first time.

Office equipment has a limited lifespan. How limited? The average computer maxes out after just over four years. For other machines, it’s even shorter. Some businesses incorrectly assume it’s smarter to save up and wait until there’s a problem to replace important equipment. In reality, dated devices cost more than just capital and can actually make […]

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Psychological hacks to make your office more productive

Productive employees are the cornerstone of any sustainable business. Lost work due to factors like distractions or disengagement costs upwards of $650 billion annually. Companies that can’t close the productivity gap may find themselves in a vicious, expensive cycle as employees become increasingly dissatisfied. Business News Daily explains, “Productivity loss causes a longer workday, which […]

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