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Laser vs inkjet printers: Guide for SMBs

SMB printing: Laser or inkjet? Even a paperless office needs hard copies now and then. If you’re choosing a new printer for your business, one of many decisions you’ll have to make is whether to go with a laser or inkjet model. Just a few years ago, there would have been no contest. Laser printers […]

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Learn how the IoT is transforming healthcare

Medical devices have always been at the forefront of technology. Modern equipment has integrated wired and wireless networking technology for some time, allowing access to real-time patient information and improved treatment. The Internet of Things (IoT) is another great leap for patient care. One of the medical sector’s biggest challenges is managing information collected directly […]

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User security tips for 2018

Simple user security strategies for 2018 With the increase in file sharing and user access to work files from home and on the road, staying on top of security has never been more important. Add to that the growth of networks and the sheer number of users accessing a shared database, and the odds of […]

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How to stay safe and secure online in 2018

One of the few industries in the world that will never see budget cuts is security. As the world grows ever more complex and connected, our valuable information is increasingly exposed to malicious actors around the world. However, there are experts around the world working behind the scenes to fight the good fight, thwarting the […]

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