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At times, it feels as if we could start every week with this sentence: “There’s a new tactic being used by cybercriminals to trick unsuspecting victims.” And the sophistication level of the new tactics is off the charts. So, what are we dealing with as of late? Well, where should we start… Hidden text is […]

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Statistically Speaking

Three universities recently conducted a joint study of participants that aimed to explore their likelihood of being monetarily incentivized to violate HIPAA regulations. The pilot study involved medical residents or individuals in an executive MBA program, with some of those participants already in health care executive roles.  Of the 64 medical students and 32 executive MBA candidates, […]

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Second Largest Fine

Coming in second can sometimes be a good thing. But not when you’re on the receiving end of a HIPAA fine and have to pay out $6.9 million like Premera Blue Cross. The insurer is the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest, serving more than 2 million people. This fine is the second-largest payment made […]

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Dark Economy

“This pandemic is great for my business!” said very few people. Unless you’re a hacker. And then it’s likely that business is booming. We don’t think of cybercriminals as businesspeople. We tend to think they are individuals lurking about in hoodies in their basement. Quite the opposite – or so we have found through investigations […]

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Smart Telehealth Practices during Covid-19

COVID-19 has ushered in the mass acceptance of telehealth, with so much optimism and excitement around the technology. But like many new technologies, the initial use is rushed and not well thought out with many providers trying to figure out the right technology, best practices, and optimal patient experience. We have seen temporary waivers to […]

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