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Unemployment Scams

We tend to not ask too many questions and let things slide when we aren’t certain about the situation. Is that normal?  Should that happen like that?  I guess so.  I don’t really know. I mean, it seems ok?? And as with all things related to COVID-19, there’s an air of uncertainty that hasn’t left […]

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Degree of Awareness

This week a friend shared a story about her college-aged daughter Jane and her recent experience in finding a job.  She is in graphic design and has a portfolio, so when she came across a well-known company that creates sports-branded gear that was hiring, it was something she wanted to pursue.  She sent them her […]

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What happens when automation and outsourcing go toe-to-toe?

Outsourcing is a cost-savings approach that was cemented during the first industrial revolution. The idea was to create more output for less capital by fulfilling mass production efforts where labor costs are lower (i.e. abroad). As we enter the age of automation, the next industrial revolution will be a digital one. Now, it’s technology leading […]

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Stolen Secrets

Every family has that safely guarded recipe. The family secret of the special ingredient or process that makes their mom or grandma’s signature dish extra magical. It is guarded through generations, shared only in the kitchen or on a tattered recipe card. Imagine if a hacker stole that recipe and sold it to a big […]

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