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What Is Malvertising?

Oxford Dictionary defines malvertising as ‘the practice of incorporating malware in online advertisements.’  Short for malicious software, or malware advertising, this is the practice of attacking viewers or consumers with fraudulent information that is inserted into sometimes (but not always) legitimate advertisements. How Does It Work Malvertising works in conjunction with the online advertising ecosystem by initiating […]

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What is Vishing?

Cybercriminal activity has many terms that are part of the mainstream vernacular. The dark web, breaches, and most people have heard of phishing, even if they don’t know how to recognize a fraudulent email.  In fact, Google recently warned nearly 5 million people in a recent week about potentially harmful sites that they are about […]

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3 Shifting Priorities for Modern CIOs

Remote work and the acceleration of digital transformation led to a holistic expansion of the CIO role. CIOs’ responsibilities are continuously evolving in tandem with the technology landscape and there are new priorities compared to how their roles were defined in the past. Historically, this C-suite role has been tasked with supporting IT solutions. CIOs […]

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Five Tips to Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk

Despite concerted efforts by governments and law enforcement around the world, cyber threats are still very real. We’ve experienced another record-breaking year, both for the number of cyberattacks and record highs in ransomware payments. Companies of all sizes continued to deal with juggling a hybrid workforce, continuing security exposures caused by COVID-19 and a skills […]

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Three Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Secure and Compliant in a Distributed World

To help reach more customers and provide services remotely now is the time for small businesses to increase their online presence. SaaS and low-cost integrations are democratizing digital business tools, giving small businesses the same capabilities as their larger counterparts with fewer risks. Any business today can leverage social media to build its brand and […]

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Cybercriminals are coming for your business. Here are 5 simple ways to keep them out

Now, more than ever is it crucial to elevate the cybersecurity measures at your company. Small businesses have been easy prey for cybercriminals during the pandemic. A shift to remote work meant hackers had their pick of unsecured home networks and devices. Now, as many businesses move back to in-office work, it’s likely the transition […]

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