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Tech Tips related to educators and schools

AI in education – trends and implications

While artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to permeate our lives on the scale seen in blockbuster movies such as I, Robot or Minority Report, it’s already widely deployed in numerous industries such as the gambling, car manufacturing, online gaming, technology, retail, health care, and financial services industries. One sector it is tipped to disrupt next is education, long […]

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6 edu-tech trends for the classroom of tomorrow

Technology and digital innovation are changing the educational environment and the way students learn. This rapidly evolving landscape is accelerating digital transformation for teachers, schools and administrators alike, with the promise that technology will help students succeed. Here we look at some of the trends – including artificial intelligence (AI), gamification and coding – that […]

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Classroom 2.0: When old school meets new tech

The traditional classroom is in some ways a blank canvas, a simple room with desks, chairs and a blackboard at the front. It’s a setup that has worked well for centuries – but interactive technologies are set to transform it by taking this arrangement and adding a new layer of flexibility. Digital technology now allows […]

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Remember what you’ve learned: data storage for schools

As education becomes more and more digital, education CIOs at all levels are faced with an ever-expanding network of desktops, servers, notebooks, mobile devices and digital education and research tools. In addition to requirements around governance, security, deployment, maintenance, and training, these tools typically generate enormous amounts of data. Multimedia information is becoming more prevalent […]

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Everything you need to know about office software

When it comes to software office suites, developers are offering the flexibility to mirror a more versatile business landscape. Software is no longer an either/or proposition. Think desktop-based software versus the cloud. Or paying licensing fees versus a subscription. Or the increasing range of devices that need to access docs and presentations. Here’s what you […]

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Is your school tech-savvy – and does it matter?

Technology and education have long been partners, but in the past decade or so the pace of technology adoption has accelerated, with significant new educational hardware, software and systems becoming available. Now more than ever, from primary to tertiary (and beyond), students and teachers are turning to their screens. In fact, book loans at the […]

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Why your school should offer data security training

When most of us think about online privacy and data security, our thoughts turn to technology solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus software and encryption. But the most critical risk factor of all is the human operator: after all, even the most sophisticated security systems won’t help if they’re not activated or properly deployed, and it’s […]

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Is educational technology redefining the way we learn?

The education sector is at the forefront of the digital revolution, embracing computing and technology as a highly effective teaching medium. Educational technology is already replacing conventional teaching methods as students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions use laptops, tablets, and a wide range of online learning platforms, software and apps to find and share […]

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Learn how virtual schools can improve real-life learning

Can virtual schools benefit primary and secondary students? Not every student can make it to a classroom. Time, location, and life commitments can make it difficult, especially for aspiring students who are also working full- or even part-time. Virtual schools are one answer to these difficulties. They’re not just for mature-age students looking for new […]

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