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Tech Tips related to educators and schools

What Is Malvertising?

Oxford Dictionary defines malvertising as ‘the practice of incorporating malware in online advertisements.’  Short for malicious software, or malware advertising, this is the practice of attacking viewers or consumers with fraudulent information that is inserted into sometimes (but not always) legitimate advertisements. How Does It Work Malvertising works in conjunction with the online advertising ecosystem by initiating […]

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How interactive learning will shape the classrooms of the future

The competition for students’ wandering attention is steeper than ever. Snapchatting has replaced note passing, and push notifications distract from even the most interesting lessons. For most students, cell phones and electronic devices are the center of their budding universe. But that can actually work to a teacher’s advantage. The classrooms of tomorrow embrace tech, […]

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When – and why – you need a high-end workstation computer

Business success will only come if your people have the right tools for the job. And when it comes to computing hardware, a one-size-fits-all approach will simply not cut it. Just as a tradesperson needs the specialized tools relevant to their trade, so office workers require the right computing equipment for their particular roles. Professionals […]

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Learning languages: easier with technology

Learning other languages is more important than ever. This skill helps to connect us with an ever-smaller world, improves our communication abilities, and gives students greater job opportunities. The good news is that teaching students a new language has had a technology boost. This leap in technology, through the development of programs and apps, may […]

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AI in education – trends and implications

While artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to permeate our lives on the scale seen in blockbuster movies such as I, Robot or Minority Report, it’s already widely deployed in numerous industries such as the gambling, car manufacturing, online gaming, technology, retail, health care, and financial services industries. One sector it is tipped to disrupt next is education, long […]

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5 must-know IT trends in 2019

IT budgets are set to swell in 2019 as organizations continue to embrace a suite of rapidly developing technologies. With the arrival of 5G set to send mobile network speeds soaring and long-hyped technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain approaching maturity, 2019 will be a transformative year for IT. Here are five key trends […]

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6 edu-tech trends for the classroom of tomorrow

Technology and digital innovation are changing the educational environment and the way students learn. This rapidly evolving landscape is accelerating digital transformation for teachers, schools and administrators alike, with the promise that technology will help students succeed. Here we look at some of the trends – including artificial intelligence (AI), gamification and coding – that […]

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Classroom 2.0: When old school meets new tech

The traditional classroom is in some ways a blank canvas, a simple room with desks, chairs and a blackboard at the front. It’s a setup that has worked well for centuries – but interactive technologies are set to transform it by taking this arrangement and adding a new layer of flexibility. Digital technology now allows […]

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Remember what you’ve learned: data storage for schools

As education becomes more and more digital, education CIOs at all levels are faced with an ever-expanding network of desktops, servers, notebooks, mobile devices and digital education and research tools. In addition to requirements around governance, security, deployment, maintenance, and training, these tools typically generate enormous amounts of data. Multimedia information is becoming more prevalent […]

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