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Tech Tips related to educators and schools

Why your school should offer data security training

When most of us think about online privacy and data security, our thoughts turn to technology solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus software and encryption. But the most critical risk factor of all is the human operator: after all, even the most sophisticated security systems won’t help if they’re not activated or properly deployed, and it’s […]

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Is educational technology redefining the way we learn?

The education sector is at the forefront of the digital revolution, embracing computing and technology as a highly effective teaching medium. Educational technology is already replacing conventional teaching methods as students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions use laptops, tablets, and a wide range of online learning platforms, software and apps to find and share […]

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Learn how virtual schools can improve real-life learning

Can virtual schools benefit primary and secondary students? Not every student can make it to a classroom. Time, location, and life commitments can make it difficult, especially for aspiring students who are also working full- or even part-time. Virtual schools are one answer to these difficulties. They’re not just for mature-age students looking for new […]

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Personalized learning is within reach

Personalize learning with adaptive classroom technology Personalization is everywhere. Thanks to pervasive data, cloud computing, mobile devices and powerful analytics tools, retailers, service providers, government departments and organizations of all kinds can offer experiences tailored to a user’s individual needs and preferences. It’s a customer-focused world, and savvy schools are creating learning environments that deliver […]

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Why schools can’t ignore desktop computers

7 reasons why schools still need desktop computers Many schools are issuing tablets and laptops to their students, but are they always the best solution? In many cases, desktop computers are a better bet. Computers have become an important aspect of the classroom experience as schools increasingly issue laptops and tablets to their students. However, […]

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How do 3D printers encourage innovation in the classroom?

Imagine a classroom where biology students can print and learn from 3D cross-sections of cells and organs. It might sound like something from science fiction, but the technology is already here. In fact, 3D printers have been available since the mid-1990s – and they are now being used to revolutionize education in schools around the world. […]

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Why teachers around the world are embracing digital whiteboards

The key to interactive and dynamic learning A digital whiteboard combines the features of an ordinary whiteboard, a projector and a touchscreen computer. The result: a powerful and interactive learning tool that encourages innovation and collaboration. Digital whiteboards foster active learning environments and student participation by allowing teachers to manipulate the screen in unique and […]

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Lease Chromebooks

As 1:1 classrooms become more popular, schools must consider the options for all of this new technology. The technology industry has become fast paced, with new products being released every year. This provides a new challenge for schools that would like to keep their technology up to date for students. Leasing is a great option […]

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