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5 IT choices that can immediately counter climate change

Building a green business is an important goal – but it doesn’t have to be purely altruistic. On average, environmentally-friendly businesses save more money, are more productive and have better overall reputations. In fact, 88% of consumers say they want businesses to be more environmental and ethical. It’s actually the basis for most of their purchasing decisions, […]

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Maximize Microsoft Teams with these top productivity tricks

This past year solidified that digital collaboration and communication tools are critical for any modern business. As the global workforce went remote, organizations looking to get ahead of the digital curve largely turned to Microsoft Teams to stay connected and productive. The collaboration app nearly doubled its number of daily active users over the last 12 months, […]

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Not Much to Smile About

SmileDirectClub (SDC) is a business that offers teledentistry services throughout the world.  They produce and sell transparent retainers that fix crooked teeth in the way that traditional braces work.  With 60-75% of people in need of their services, they are poised for long term success, with a large audience of potential patients.  Sure, there is […]

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Updating Software

It’s that little alert on your desktop.  The “upgrades available” indicator when you check your computer.  Or when your smartphone tells you that it’s going to update later while you’re sleeping, and you defer it to another time.  What if you miss an email or a text?  Nah, you don’t need to do that update, […]

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Normalizing Breaches

In August of 2019, Facebook was the victim of a data breach that compromised information from 533 million people from 106 different countries.  Why is this in the news now?  Because the breach was addressed in a recent email from Facebook management, and that email was accidentally sent to a Belgium-based news outlet and, in that email, […]

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Why COVID-19 Highlights Urgent Need to Humanize and Modernize The Patient Financial Experience

It’s no secret that COVID-19 and the corresponding near-immediate economic catastrophe will be felt for significantly longer than the few short months it took to wreak its initial havoc. While losses hit businesses from “a to z” (…except maybe Amazon, ironically), hospitals and health systems tasked with treating the victims of this pandemic bear a […]

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