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Election Season: Another Favorite for Scammers

Election season scams  Political candidates will target voters to get their message across, and hackers will take advantage of the timing.  With petitions, polls, and surveys being posted to get a sense of the political climate online or by telephone, citizens let their guard down and assume that the information being collected is for candidates […]

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SMBs make big gains with managed services

Running a small to medium business (SMB) comes with plenty of challenges, and time and money management are always prominent among them. At the same time, every modern business relies on technology (for banking, transactions, customer management, payroll, promotional activity and more), so having the right IT infrastructure and solutions in place is crucial. As […]

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Evil Twin Wi-Fi

You’re out and about for any number of reasons.  Traveling for work.  Killing time while waiting for co-workers or family members.  But you have some time and you have work that needs to get done. You pull out your phone or laptop, and all of the available wi-fi connections come up.  Perhaps you’re in a […]

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5 reasons why workstations still matter

Modern manufacturing is all about innovating with digital prototyping and technologies like 3D printing – all of which require a high degree of raw computing power. Workstations are ideal for providing this resource, where their large processing power can crunch complex formulas and graphics, while a screen provides a valuable visual interface for an engineer […]

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How interactive learning will shape the classrooms of the future

The competition for students’ wandering attention is steeper than ever. Snapchatting has replaced note passing, and push notifications distract from even the most interesting lessons. For most students, cell phones and electronic devices are the center of their budding universe. But that can actually work to a teacher’s advantage. The classrooms of tomorrow embrace tech, […]

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When – and why – you need a high-end workstation computer

Business success will only come if your people have the right tools for the job. And when it comes to computing hardware, a one-size-fits-all approach will simply not cut it. Just as a tradesperson needs the specialized tools relevant to their trade, so office workers require the right computing equipment for their particular roles. Professionals […]

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