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4 ways to protect your business against risk

Small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to risk. This is because it’s difficult (from both an expense and resource perspective) to recover from a risk incident. External risks can come from a range of places: financial markets, technology providers, legal liabilities, accidents, natural disasters and more. Whichever risks are relevant to your industry, it’s vital […]

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The future of two-factor authentication

After years of lectures from security experts, businesses have finally begun to accept that a password alone isn’t enough to secure a corporate computing account. Enter two-factor authentication (2FA). It strengthens security by using an additional login method, such as fingerprint scans or facial recognition. Two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly important as passwords fall victim […]

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Why you need to have a physical security policy

Physical security and the healthcare sector Healthcare data is extremely valuable, so it comes as no surprise that recent security and data breaches at healthcare facilities have been making headlines. Just how valuable is it? Personal health records routinely fetch more than credit card data on the black market. This is why your physical IT […]

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Security Alert! Intel Chips Vulnerable

The newest threats to make headlines in the tech industry have arrived, in the form of 2 exploits known as Meltdown and Spectre. These exploits affect all modern computing processors, which are installed in everything from desktop computers to the new smartphone you just picked up at the store. In fact, you’re likely reading this […]

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SECURITY ALERT: ALL WiFi Networks are Vulnerable!

You may have recently heard about the KRACK WiFi vulnerability that affects all WiFi network devices. The vulnerability in the WPA and WPA2 protocols affects EVERY WiFi Router, all access points and client devices (ie: Laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart audio (Sonos), etc). The vulnerability was announced on Monday, October 10th, […]

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UPDATE: Security Alert: Beware Microsoft Word Attachment Zero-Day Exploit

We have received an update regarding a recent article posted to our site: (Link to previous article: Microsoft has released updates to patch the zero-day vulnerability of their Windows operating systems that had been reported on over the last week (KB4015546, KB4015547, KB4015549, KB4015550). Check out this link from Microsoft, which contains more information on the […]

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