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5 Classroom tech trends to watch

Emerging education technologies are transforming 21st century classrooms in something akin to Back to the Future. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality as learning tools is a world away from inkwells and chalkboards, and will only continue to evolve as technology is embraced by teachers and students. Artificial intelligence, very real […]

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Learning languages: easier with technology

Learning other languages is more important than ever. This skill helps to connect us with an ever-smaller world, improves our communication abilities, and gives students greater job opportunities. The good news is that teaching students a new language has had a technology boost. This leap in technology, through the development of programs and apps, may […]

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AI in education – trends and implications

While artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to permeate our lives on the scale seen in blockbuster movies such as I, Robot or Minority Report, it’s already widely deployed in numerous industries such as the gambling, car manufacturing, online gaming, technology, retail, health care, and financial services industries. One sector it is tipped to disrupt next is education, long […]

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Overcome the struggle of using tech in the classroom

Bridging the digital divide between what Marc Prensky coined digital “native” students and digital “immigrant” teachers will mean a rethink in education as the pace of technological change picks up. Fundamental to this shift is the way teachers view technology as something new and innovative, while their students just regard it as a normal part of everyday […]

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Does classroom technology hurt or help student learning?

It’s a question steeped in anecdote and teacher frustration: does technology help or hurt learning in the classroom? Given the complexity of schools and the nuances of learning, the answer is a resounding “it depends.” How technology is used and for what purpose will determine its effectiveness. In other words, does the pedagogy come before the technology? […]

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6 edu-tech trends for the classroom of tomorrow

Technology and digital innovation are changing the educational environment and the way students learn. This rapidly evolving landscape is accelerating digital transformation for teachers, schools and administrators alike, with the promise that technology will help students succeed. Here we look at some of the trends – including artificial intelligence (AI), gamification and coding – that […]

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