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CyberSecurity Toolkit

Cyber attacks target both small and large businesses which can leave unrepairable damage.  Since cyber threats and scams are always changing and evolving, cybersecurity is constantly adapting to the world around us.  It’s critical for companies to have a secure infrastructure and to keep their company and customer data secure.  ACE Technology Group keeps companies secure, productive, and agile by managing and providing solutions to all their IT needs.

With our managed services, companies are guaranteed a robust set of cyber security features to keep them focused on their jobs rather than dealing with frustrating and time-consuming IT issues.  The below features are just a portion of what our My IT Security Guardian plan entails and guarantees to our customers:

  • Anti-Spam & Virus Filter: Anti-spam and virus filtering is an initial line of defense to reduce a company’s exposure to threats such as phishing, malware, and ransomware. It is specifically in place to protect a person or company from one of the major contributors to cyber attacks—email threats.
  • Anti-Virus: Anti-virus software (AV) is an important tool to help prevent cyber attacks and it’s one of the last lines of defense to protect against the spread of a threat throughout a company’s network. AV is pivotal in safeguarding against viruses and numerous types of malware, such as ransomware.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: This is key to ensure that businesses can quickly recover from minor and major incidents, such as accidentally deleting a file or catastrophic events, such as a flood/fire or a ransomware attack. It’s imperative to businesses today to have a functioning and dependable BDR plan in place to be able to recover company data quickly and thoroughly.
  • Business Continuity: An essential part of an organization’s infrastructure is having a strong business continuity plan, which is different, but related, to a company’s Disaster Recovery plan. In contrast, business continuity plans are focused on creating a plan of action to prevent the negative consequences of a disaster.
  • NextGen Firewall & Internet Security Appliance: This is important because it acts as an automated defender of an internal network. These devices protect from outside threats, and in most cases, without ever noticing that the network has been attacked. It can also prevent trusted users from downloading an infection, and stopping infections that have infiltrated from spreading through the entire network.
  • Server Monitoring & Maintenance: Whether a business has an on-premise server or a cloud server hosted at a data center, servers need to constantly be maintained, secured, and patched to prevent vulnerability to unauthorized access.
  • Managed Wireless: Having a managed wireless network will allow for
    important security updates to be rolled out during off-times that can prevent
    unauthorized access to a company’s network and information.  Another benefit is the capability of having wireless run on a schedule to ensure access is only enabled during a set time, typically during office hours.