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Election Season: Another Favorite for Scammers

Election season scams 

Political candidates will target voters to get their message across, and hackers will take advantage of the timing.  With petitions, polls, and surveys being posted to get a sense of the political climate online or by telephone, citizens let their guard down and assume that the information being collected is for candidates and news reporting.  Not always the case.

Sometimes these polls will be issued by scammers who are merely taking advantage of the voting season to gather personal intel that can be used against you now – or years from now.  This Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be gathered in-person wherever you are, like out getting a jump on holiday shopping.  They will ask for your address, home phone, and say that it is required for validity, but in reality, they are not even representing the person or cause that they claim to be.

When it comes to election season, there’s no problem with getting involved, but make sure you use caution. When filling out paperwork or providing information, ask about the fields that are for private information and if they are required.  NEVER give out your social security number.  Before clicking on links on social media or in emails that you receive, ensure that they are authentic.  Try to submit all information and supportive measure via the candidate’s website directly or through your local political party’s website.

Be wary of what you read on social media

When it comes to social media, don’t believe everything you see and read. Bad actors use social media to spread misinformation, especially when it comes to elections. Remember that you are using a site that isn’t moderated or policed for accuracy.