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HIPAA TIPS: Mobile Device Compliance Part 7

Keep your security software up to date

Why keep security software up to date?

Why should you keep security software up to date?

Security risks and threats are changing rapidly. By updating your security software you know that you have the latest tools to prevent unauthorized access to health information on your mobile device.

How can you keep security software up to date?

The manufacturer or wireless carrier can automatically transfer software updates directly to mobile devices. There are procedures you can follow to make sure updates are transmitted promptly to keep security protections up to date, such as using automated update options or vendor notification options. Install security software updates as soon as they become available instead of selecting “remind me later.”

In addition to maintaining your security software, it is important to update applications and the device operating system (OS) to ensure that you are running the most up to date and secure versions available for your device. Configure your device to alert you of application and system updates and ensure that any software updates require your authorization to proceed.

Security updates are not always transferred promptly. You may need to research your mobile device and/or operating system’s updates.

Source: Mobile Devices Privacy and Security