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What the cloud can do for your business

Cloud computing services are right at the cutting edge of digital technology, allowing organizations large and small to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. These services, also known as ‘the cloud’, have since their inception been at the forefront of the digital revolution, with each iteration bringing an ever-expanding range of products and services. The […]

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Boost innovation and productivity with digital collaboration

Digital collaboration: The key to innovation, productivity and results Digital technology might have transformed the modern workplace, but every innovation inevitably throws up its own set of obstacles to overcome. One such challenge is siloing, where an organization’s departments aren’t communicating with each other effectively. When we’re glued to our computer screens or phones all […]

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It’s time to go on the offense with your IT security

Cybersecurity is now a game of attack, not defense It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. This is particularly true in cybersecurity, where the average cost of a security breach in the U.S. is more than US$200 per compromised data item, according to a 2017 Ponemon study. Considering how many data items can […]

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