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Is it time to let go of Windows 7?

In September, Microsoft told the world that the number of monthly active users of Windows 10 had gone past 400 million. Many of those users are consumers, but businesses are making the leap as well. What’s surprising about that is that Windows 10 is only a year old. Historically, businesses have taken years to manage […]

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Endpoint security: 5 things to know

Network security offerings clearly haven’t fixed the endpoint security challenge. The problems come on multiple fronts, which calls for a blended solution. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Antivirus is not enough There’s no argument that antivirus just doesn’t cut it anymore. There’s nothing new here, but it looks like the market is finally […]

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Keep business laptops secure

When it comes to notebook computers, their greatest strength can often seem to be their most profound weakness. The very portability that makes them such useful tools for the mobile professional leaves them vulnerable to a host of catastrophes that never faced the average desktop machine. Fortunately for the IT manager, tools and capabilities to […]

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VDI can work for SMB

Since the 1990s, some companies have moved the operating system for workstations from the workstation itself to a server providing operating system images for many different workstations. This virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has been touted as offering lower cost of ownership for years, yet the majority of workstations in business are still traditional self-hosted operating […]

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Checklist for a successful 1:1 rollout

One-to-one rollouts are game-changing projects. With proper planning, they can be less daunting. Nail this checklist, and the hard work is half done. 1. Establish a shared vision with community stakeholders You need teachers, IT, administrators, curriculum supervisors, special education teams, students, parents, and community business leaders behind a shared vision of what’s possible. Produce […]

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SaaS or on-premises? The security challenge for healthcare applications

The healthcare industry faces a difficult paradox when it comes to IT services. Healthcare has some of the most tightly governed restrictions on how information is managed, but it runs the risk of not delivering services effectively enough if it can’t access modern IT service options. There are pros and cons of using cloud-based and […]

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