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Hybrid comes to your EHR systems

There’s nothing simple about the IT needs of a modern medical practice. In a small to mid-size practice, the application infrastructure has to support everything from office productivity applications to advanced imaging, group scheduling, integration with external systems, and collaboration thrown in for good measure. If that weren’t enough, all of it has to be […]

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Is it time to let go of Windows 7?

In September, Microsoft told the world that the number of monthly active users of Windows 10 had gone past 400 million. Many of those users are consumers, but businesses are making the leap as well. What’s surprising about that is that Windows 10 is only a year old. Historically, businesses have taken years to manage […]

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Keep business laptops secure

When it comes to notebook computers, their greatest strength can often seem to be their most profound weakness. The very portability that makes them such useful tools for the mobile professional leaves them vulnerable to a host of catastrophes that never faced the average desktop machine. Fortunately for the IT manager, tools and capabilities to […]

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VDI can work for SMB

Since the 1990s, some companies have moved the operating system for workstations from the workstation itself to a server providing operating system images for many different workstations. This virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has been touted as offering lower cost of ownership for years, yet the majority of workstations in business are still traditional self-hosted operating […]

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Checklist for a successful 1:1 rollout

One-to-one rollouts are game-changing projects. With proper planning, they can be less daunting. Nail this checklist, and the hard work is half done. 1. Establish a shared vision with community stakeholders You need teachers, IT, administrators, curriculum supervisors, special education teams, students, parents, and community business leaders behind a shared vision of what’s possible. Produce […]

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2016 computers in review

Another year is almost over, so it’s time to look back and see what happened in the world of laptop and desktop computers in 2016. In some sense, it wasn’t a year of revolutionary changes—most people would be hard-pressed to name a game-changing machine that came onto the scene during the year. In another sense, […]

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desktop, laptop and tablet computers together

Desktop, laptop, or tablet fleet?

Choices abound when it comes to creating a fleet to empower your workforce. When it comes to whether employees should have desktops, laptops, tablets, or all three, there are some basic parts of the decision tree. Will a desktop do? Laptops make up 80 percent of the market according to the market researcher IDC. But […]

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