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Your password is weaker than you think

Passwords are still a major security weakness. Easy-to-crack passwords can render even the most sophisticated (and expensive) security measures powerless. Yet despite this vulnerability being well known, too many of us persist with passwords that are weak, easy to guess or repeated across multiple log-ins. It’s understandable: most users struggle to remember different passwords for the […]

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Is your business data compliant?

Governments around the world are tightening up laws governing how businesses gather, store, and secure user data. This is increasingly challenging as data is now a commodity not constrained by national borders. There is also a vast amount of data being produced, meaning the sheer volume involved can overwhelm businesses, especially SMBs with limited resources. […]

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3 steps for mobile medical data security

Mobile medical professionals need mobile medical data. Whether they’re taking files from office to office for consultation or carrying patient information for in-home visits, data is as much a part of the modern professional’s kit as a stethoscope. This means that data security also needs to ‘go mobile’ to make sure sensitive information is always […]

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Keep business laptops secure

When it comes to laptop and notebook computers, their greatest strength can often seem to be their most profound weakness. The very portability that makes them such useful tools for the mobile professional leaves them vulnerable to a host of catastrophes that never faced the average desktop machine. Fortunately for the IT manager, tools, and […]

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It’s time to go on the offense with your IT security

Cybersecurity is now a game of attack, not defense It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. This is particularly true in cybersecurity, where the average cost of a security breach in the U.S. is more than US$200 per compromised data item, according to a 2017 Ponemon study. Considering how many data items can […]

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Security Alert! Intel Chips Vulnerable

The newest threats to make headlines in the tech industry have arrived, in the form of 2 exploits known as Meltdown and Spectre. These exploits affect all modern computing processors, which are installed in everything from desktop computers to the new smartphone you just picked up at the store. In fact, you’re likely reading this […]

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Beware of the WannaCry Cyber Attack – it’s not over yet!

Overview Below are some frequently asked questions about the WannaCry cyber attack that affected over 150 countries and targeted old Windows systems.   Where can I find more information? Refer to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team post for complete details:   How did this attack happen? It was believed that the source of […]

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ransomware concept with laptop

Ransomware does not have to succeed

Unlike many other cyber attacks and malware types, the goal of ransomware is as well-known as the method: Critical data is encrypted until the victim pays for the key. For some industries, the question isn’t whether organizations will be hit, but when. After that, the questions tend toward the practical: How can companies avoid becoming […]

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