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Your password is weaker than you think

Passwords are still a major security weakness. Easy-to-crack passwords can render even the most sophisticated (and expensive) security measures powerless. Yet despite this vulnerability being well known, too many of us persist with passwords that are weak, easy to guess or repeated across multiple log-ins. It’s understandable: most users struggle to remember different passwords for the […]

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Is your business data compliant?

Governments around the world are tightening up laws governing how businesses gather, store, and secure user data. This is increasingly challenging as data is now a commodity not constrained by national borders. There is also a vast amount of data being produced, meaning the sheer volume involved can overwhelm businesses, especially SMBs with limited resources. […]

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The future of network security

Network security worries have long kept the C-suite awake at night. What challenges do businesses face and how can executives overcome them? Emerging risks The network security game has changed considerably in recent years and will no doubt continue to evolve well into the future. Enterprises are now expanding their networks both geographically and through […]

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SECURITY ALERT: ALL WiFi Networks are Vulnerable!

You may have recently heard about the KRACK WiFi vulnerability that affects all WiFi network devices. The vulnerability in the WPA and WPA2 protocols affects EVERY WiFi Router, all access points and client devices (ie: Laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart audio (Sonos), etc). The vulnerability was announced on Monday, October 10th, […]

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How to pick the right health software

With aging populations, advances in medical technology and the growing importance of ‘e-health’, software vendors are focusing more attention than ever on the health market. But with so many newcomers, how can you know you’re choosing the right software provider? Healthcare is a buoyant industry, with many opportunities for growth – and technology is a […]

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Endpoint security: 5 things to know

Network security offerings clearly haven’t fixed the endpoint security challenge. The problems come on multiple fronts, which calls for a blended solution. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Antivirus is not enough There’s no argument that antivirus just doesn’t cut it anymore. There’s nothing new here, but it looks like the market is finally […]

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Beware of the WannaCry Cyber Attack – it’s not over yet!

Overview Below are some frequently asked questions about the WannaCry cyber attack that affected over 150 countries and targeted old Windows systems.   Where can I find more information? Refer to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team post for complete details:   How did this attack happen? It was believed that the source of […]

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Malvern PA: Stolen Laptop Leads to $2.5 Million HIPAA Breach Penalty

The theft of a laptop computer containing information of nearly 1,400 patients was among two HIPAA breaches that led a Pennsylvania provider of remote heart monitoring to pay $2.5 million, federal authorities said this week. Malvern-based CardioNet, Inc., essentially had no process at all for securely managing electronic protected health information (ePHI) of the patients […]

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SaaS or on-premises? The security challenge for healthcare applications

The healthcare industry faces a difficult paradox when it comes to IT services. Healthcare has some of the most tightly governed restrictions on how information is managed, but it runs the risk of not delivering services effectively enough if it can’t access modern IT service options. There are pros and cons of using cloud-based and […]

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