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Is it time to let go of Windows 7?

In September, Microsoft told the world that the number of monthly active users of Windows 10 had gone past 400 million. Many of those users are consumers, but businesses are making the leap as well. What’s surprising about that is that Windows 10 is only a year old. Historically, businesses have taken years to manage […]

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Beware of the WannaCry Cyber Attack – it’s not over yet!

Overview Below are some frequently asked questions about the WannaCry cyber attack that affected over 150 countries and targeted old Windows systems.   Where can I find more information? Refer to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team post for complete details:   How did this attack happen? It was believed that the source of […]

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VDI can work for SMB

Since the 1990s, some companies have moved the operating system for workstations from the workstation itself to a server providing operating system images for many different workstations. This virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has been touted as offering lower cost of ownership for years, yet the majority of workstations in business are still traditional self-hosted operating […]

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2016 computers in review

Another year is almost over, so it’s time to look back and see what happened in the world of laptop and desktop computers in 2016. In some sense, it wasn’t a year of revolutionary changes—most people would be hard-pressed to name a game-changing machine that came onto the scene during the year. In another sense, […]

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