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Doug, Consultant & Interim Executive Director

As a consultant, I have seen a number of support orgs. I am currently the Interim Executive Director for an ACE Tech Group client and I am very impressed with the support, responsiveness and professionalism across the entire team. ACE Tech Group is definitely going onto my referral list as I continue to work with clients. If you are looking to outsource some or all of your IT/Phone support, you should definitely talk to ACE Tech Group!

—Doug, Consultant & Interim Executive Director
Retirement Communities

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Melissa, Logistics & Customer Service

My company has been working with ACE Technology for four years. We have always had great response time whenever there were technology issues. Their support is outstanding and all of their technicians are a pleasure to work with – even with someone as myself, who I consider to be “technically challenged”. The techs are very patient and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend ACE Technology Group.

—Melissa, Logistics & Customer Service
Manufacturing Firm

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Hannah, Speech Pathologist

I had an excellent experience working with ACE Technology Group. I put in a request as our fax wasn’t working on the copier, and Ethan got back to me right away. He walked me through some steps and also showed me how to send a fax via my laptop. The entire issue was sorted before the afternoon, and we had a working fax again. Overall wonderful experience and very professional company.

—Hannah, Speech Pathologist
Rehabilitation Healthcare

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Colleen, Hospitality

I was extremely impressed by the level of customer service and the efficiency with which my issue was resolved. ACE Technology Group was able to get my issue resolved, and I was quickly able to move on with my work day instead of being held up on the phone or computer for hours. I appreciated the friendly Technician, and will be happy to call ACE with any of my issues in the future. Thank you ACE!!

—Colleen, Hospitality
Hotel / Hospitality

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William, President

I have been working with Ace Technology for over 10 years. They provide tremendous service on a very timely basis whenever problems crop up. I have bought all my hardware from them and never had any issues running my business. They are always prompt and reliable whenever I have issues. I would recommend them to any business for IT Services. Thank you ACE for always being there and making me comfortable with my computer needs.

—William, President
Advertisement Agency
Chester Springs

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