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Frank, Owner/President

I couldn’t be more pleased with ACE and their amazingly responsive and professional team. Our business came to a grinding halt with bizarre connectivity issues from a previous and unrelated tech installation. They graciously and quickly got our internet, phones and retail and e-commerce platforms back up and running. Very happy with their services and their great people.

—Frank, Owner/President
Restaurant & Cafe

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Stefanie, Director of Admissions

Within 20 minutes of placing a request, Patrick responded to me. In resolving my issues, Patrick was courteous of the work I was doing prior to interrupting me and when he needed my assistance in the office (to print a document), he was patient as I took care of it. Things were quickly resolved and I was able to continue my work. Thanks Patrick and ACE!

The ACE support specialist responded within a few minutes of my request for help. My issue was resolved in about 5 minutes and I was able to get back to work. 

—Stefanie, Director of Admissions
Rehabilitation Healthcare

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Susan, Associate

When our computers aren’t working, it prevents us from efficiently doing our job. Every time I contact ACE, they get back to me very quickly, work to solve the issues to allow me to do my job. Patrick fixed my calendar outlook on my phone in less than a minute & showed me how to do it or change settings

—Susan, Associate

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