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Kathy, Administrative Assistant

During this pandemic I have needed Ace Technology quite a bit. Every phone call I made was returned within a hour. My questions and problems resolved right away. I was able to understand the techs instructions clearly. I’m new at the computer and the tech was extremely patient with me each time I needed assistance.

—Kathy, Administrative Assistant
Charter School
East Norriton

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Tom, Owner Orthodontist’s Office

We have a business of about 20 employee’s which in the corporate world, anything less than 50 is considered small. My office requires an incredible amount of computer networking & maintenance in itself just keeping everything up to date. ACE responds to our IT repair requests within the hour. That makes the difference between a successful day and having the schedule run behind. The fact they can go directly to our software manufacturer and solve the problem many times without our involvement makes all the difference.

—Tom, Owner
Orthodontist’s Office

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Todd, School Technology Coordinator

For the 10 years that I’ve been teaching, ACE Technology Group provided and continues to provide excellent IT support. They’ve worked with our Technology Coordinator to keep our School on the leading edge of technology by providing innovative technology solutions that meet our School’s changing needs. Their IT Help Desk has a knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend ACE Technology Group for your IT needs.

—Todd, Technology Teacher
Parochial K-8

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Desiree, Office Manager

ACE has tons of experience. Any question that we pose to them, they are quick to respond and know what we are talking about. And if they don’t, they will research it and get back to us in such timely manner, which is exceptional. It’s so easy to create a ticket. Right away there is a response and we always know where we stand with the ticket.


—Desiree, Office Manager
Insurance Agency

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