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What Our Customers Say

Hear what our customers have to say…IT customer testimonials

Recently ACE went above and beyond the call of duty and helped us get out of a jam when our phone service went down. Our regular VoIP service provider was not helpful at all.  ACE stepped up, came onsite, got our phones working and now I’m happy to say that they are our VoIP provider.  As a business owner, I just am so grateful to be working with a company like ACE where I can rely on them to do what they do best so I can spend my time doing what I do best, helping my business grow.  Thank you very much to everybody at ACE, every one of you.  I appreciate all you do for us.

—Pat, Attorney
Law Firm

ACE has tons of experience. Any question that we pose to them, they are quick to respond and know what we are talking about. And if they don’t, they will research it and get back to us in such timely manner, which is exceptional.  … it’s so easy to create a ticket. Right away there is a response and we know where we stand with the ticket.

—Desiree, Office Manager
Insurance Agency

For anyone who is looking for high quality computer support, ACE Technology is a great option.  Their combination of advanced knowledge, determination to fix the problem, personal technicians and ability to return phone calls always makes it easy to get our technology issues fixed.  These technicians also have worked as diligently as possible to fix the underlying cause assuring that the problem will not return.  It has always been a really good experience working alongside ACE Technology Group.

—Bryce, Associate
Medical Laboratory

We’ve had a great experience with ACE over the years.  They’ve been our IT guys for many years now, probably ten.  In the meantime, we’ve switched all our phones service over to their VOIP system.  They saved us a ton of money there and that’s been largely seamless.  It’s allowed us to take our business completely virtual which we’ve done.  I’m very, very pleased and would highly recommend them.

—Matt, President
Mergers and Acquisitions
West Chester

What I love about ACE Technology is that they’re always there for me when I have a problem, whether it’s setting up my printer, setting up new computers, there’s a problem with the emails going down.  They’re my go to for all things IT related and it makes running my business more efficient because I know if there’s a problem I can go to them.  I look forward to working with them for years to come.

—Rich, Principal
Law Firm

Our church has been using ACE Technology since their inception, so we have a long standing relationship. We have been very pleased by their fast response whenever we call with an issue. All of their employees are very knowledgeable and are always willing to do whatever it takes to help us get back up and running as quickly as possible. As someone who isn’t tech savvy, I am always amazed that their patience in helping me work through whatever my problem might be. We continue to be very pleased with ACE’s dedication and we highly recommend them for your computer needs.

—Nancy, Controller
Catholic Church

I am not a computer person so all the people at ACE and I are family familiar.  They know who I am and how to help me with resolving the issues that go along with managing a business.  We have frequent power outages.   ACE has helped me on more than a few Mondays to get everything up and running again before we open at 8am.  We also have frequent upgrades from our EHR, Internet, telephone systems.  The upgrades are not always easy or quick but ACE makes sure that the transitions are easy and comfortable for us.  They’re always there, always friendly, always helpful.

—Debbie, Practice Manager
Doctor’s Office
Ridley Park

I’ve worked with ACE Technology Group for about nine years now.  We have found them to be very competent, knowledgeable and responsive.  Almost just as important they’re able to explain most things to us in understandable terms.  ACE has transitioned us through several software changes, server changes, as well as moved us to a new location.  This was done with minimal disruption and was the smoothest piece of our move to a new office.  We have found their staff to be friendly, professional and very patient.  I’m sure many occasions it is difficult for them to maintain their patience but they manage to do so.  I highly recommend ACE Technology.

—Penny, Practice Administrator
Doctor’s Office
Pottstown & Phoenixville

We’ve used ACE for several years to manage our desktops.  They’ve always been very responsive especially when we have had critical issues…all at a reasonable price.

—Michael, Manager
Scientific and Engineering Consultants

Just calling to give you some kudos for when you came to our aid when our tablets were down and falling apart and not working to their maximum ability.  With just a phone call we were able to order new equipment and get a technician to be here in a day or two to install and set all those new tablets up for us.  So just wanted to say thank you for the superior service you provide and for always being there when we need you.

—Michelle, Practice Manager
Doctor’s Office

We have been using the services of ACE Technology for many many years now. It’s a great company. The people are very responsive and always willing to help to solve our problems. Thank you ACE Technology!

—Truus, Parish Secretary
Catholic Parish

We are now approaching a Ten Year relationship with ACE. Their team has always been responsive, professional and attentive to our IT needs. They find creative ways to make our systems work. You know they go above and beyond when: While dialing ACE for support, you are intercepted by an outside call and disengage your call to ACE, then a short time later, ACE calls back and states, we see you made a call to us” –  That is service with a heart!!!

—Andrea, Office Manager
Professional Services Consultants

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our lives, through this, ACE Technology Group’s support of our technology was consistent and without interruption.

—Todd, Instructor
Parochial School

Every individual I’ve ever had assist me has been professional, and responsive. During the pandemic, I’ve been relying on my computer a lot while at work. If any issues arise, ACE is always able to help in a timely manner.

—Janelle, Therapist
Rehabilitation Healthcare

We have a business of about 20 employee’s which in the corporate world, anything less than 50 is considered small. Nevertheless, my office requires an incredible amount of computer networking & maintenance in itself just keeping everything up to date. As anyone who is in business knows, software does crash from time to time, especially that which is designed for a specific niche industry. What is remarkable is that ACE responds to our IT repair requests within the hour. In our field, that makes the difference between a successful day and having the schedule run behind. The fact they can go directly to our software manufacturer and solve the problem many times without our involvement makes all the difference.

—Tom, Owner
Orthodontist’s Office

During this pandemic I have needed Ace Technology quite a bit. Every phone call I made was returned within a hour.  My questions and problems resolved right away. I was able to understand the techs instructions clearly. I’m new at the computer and the tech was extremely patient with me each time I needed assistance.

—Kathy, Administrative Assistant
Charter School
East Norriton

I appreciate the level of professionalism you provide to us!  Amazing customer service and computer support!

—Kim, Practice Manager
Doctor’s Office

ACE has assisted us with many projects as we increased the size and volume of our practice.  This was quite a task since we started in a temporary site and moved 18 months later into our newly renovated suite.  Working with ACE, and their team of IT support has been a great experience…consistent responsiveness, honesty, competence and reliability.

—Jeannine, Practice Manager
Doctor’s Office

I just really wanted to take the time and say Thank You…they had everything done so fast and efficient… and of course very nice about it!

—Jamie, Nurse
Doctor’s Office

Our company has been using ACE Technology Group for quite some time and being the liaison between their office and ours I have many dealings with the company…We have 4 very large volume and busy offices with a staff of about 65 employees…just recently our servers were down over a weekend when we were seeing patients and one of our employees had to call the emergency line.  Not only did ACE respond quickly to the message, but was aware of the situation and already working to resolve the issue.

—Linda, Billing Specialist
Doctor’s Office
Bryn Mawr

…speedy response and professionalism when responding to any and all of our computer issues we are having on any given day or time.  ACE is a phone call away and in a matter of minutes will remotely correct any and all of our problems with speed and accuracy…complete knowledge of all of our many computer programs which makes my job as the in–house IT person a job that I am able to manage.

—Arlene, Executive Secretary
Orthodontic Office

I think you and your team continue to do a fantastic job. Our switch to your company presented quite a challenge due to the situation in which we found our school. Your ability to quickly assess the situation, make the transition, improve our overall network design, minimize disruption and provide superior service has been amazing. Today, we have a more reliable network, a more secure network, and the confidence that our IT infrastructure and service provider are positioned well to support our school for many years to come.

—Bill, School Board President
Archdiocesan School

I’ve known and worked with ACE Technology for about 4 years. The support group provides top notch client service with minimizing costs. I brought ACE into a manufacturing facility and they noted serious issues and managed to seamlessly correct and enhance. I wholeheartedly recommend ACE Technology to any size company as you are treated as if you are their only client……instantaneous expert support.

—Francesca, Controller
Manufacturing Firm

For the 10 years that I’ve been teaching, ACE Technology Group provided and continues to provide excellent IT support. They’ve worked with our Technology Coordinator to keep our School on the leading edge of technology by providing innovative technology solutions that meet our School’s changing needs. Their IT Help Desk has a knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend ACE Technology Group for your IT needs.

—Todd, Technology Teacher
Parochial K-8