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When does it make sense to outsource your print job?

The bonus of living in the digital age is that designing and printing in-house is now perfectly feasible and cost effective.

The affordability of relatively sophisticated digital printers means you can now produce high-quality print materials in a full range of formats as and when required – without having to deal with your local copy house or print shop. This could result in cost savings for your business, not to mention the convenience and control you exercise over the timing of your print run.

But is there a scenario when it makes sense to outsource your enterprise print job to an external printer or third-party print vendor? Let’s take a closer look at all the factors you need to take into account.

Cost considerations

You may not have considered the cost implications of a large print run on your consumables – specifically the ink, toner and paper, as well as the wear and tear on your hardware. You also need to think of worst-case scenarios, like your machine jamming or failing, and the implications of this for your budget and deadline. Here is where outsourcing to an external printer makes sense. They will have the capacity and resources to handle a large run, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

2. Timing and productivity

If your employees are handling big print jobs in-house, it’s worth considering the impact of this on their overall workload. Outsourcing will allow them to focus on their core roles, rather than managing a print job they may not know very much about. Other tasks, such as collating and binding all the print materials, are also potentially time-consuming tasks to factor in. Outsourcing your printing puts the onus on the print house to get the job done on time, leaving your team to focus on generating value for the business.

3. Advanced printing capabilities

Another advantage of going with a professional print provider is that you will have access to the latest printing technology and capabilities. This includes their professional-grade print hardware and software, which enables them to print on heavier paper stock and achieve the vibrant colors and quality that will reflect positively on your brand. They may also offer a design service, which can take the load off your in-house design team (if you have one). They also provide other services, like trimming, binding, mailing and printing on non-standard materials such as plastic and metal.

These are just some of the factors to review when considering if your next print job should be outsourced to an external print service. It could make all the difference between an average job and a truly professional production.