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About ACE


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price.

How ACE got started

Chris Shank, the founder of ACE, has been a “techie” ever since his days in the Navy working on nuclear reactors. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Computer Engineering, Chris was recruited by Lockheed Martin, his first real job.

Chris spent his early career working for large corporations with dedicated IT departments. In his free time, he provided ad hoc IT support for the businesses of his friends and family. Through the help he freely gave them, he understood the difficulties of the small business user and he recognized their need to have corporate-style IT. With the proliferation of the Internet, Chris realized that he could give enterprise-level IT support remotely and at a price small businesses could afford.

In 2002, while small business was still rotating tapes and had email servers in-house, Chris launched ACE TECHNOLOGY GROUP. The company was an early leader in the remote IT service field offering remote back-up and hosted email service.  It took some years for the rest of the industry to catch up but now it’s a standard practice with proven benefits.

ACE has been headquartered in Phoenixville since 2009 and has recently expanded its offices.  Over the years, Chris and his team of technology experts have also expanded ACE to be the single solution for all IT business needs specializing in managed IT service coverage of computer hardware and software, Cloud, VoIP, back-up and security, disaster recovery, and IT infrastructure.

Today, ACE is once again ahead of the curve with the move to the cloud, offering virtual hardware cloud services that not only put your server in the cloud, but your desktop too.