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About ACE


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality information technology services to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price.  By doing so, we help companies become more productive, agile, and secure.

At ACE, we believe it’s important for all companies to have secure and reliable technology that will always be moving your company forward.  Because we’re eager to help companies thrive, we provide expert technology solutions and management to help companies run at their most efficient level.

Launched in 2002, ACE Technology Group was an early leader in the remote IT service field.  Over the years, ACE has expanded to be the single solution for all IT business needs, specializing in managed IT service coverage of computer hardware and software, Cloud, VoIP, back-up and security, disaster recovery, and IT infrastructure.

Today, ACE is once again ahead of the curve with the move to the cloud, offering virtual hardware cloud services that not only put your server in the cloud, but your desktop too.