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What is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

An MSP is a company that oversees and manages another company’s computer and information technology. This includes applications, network infrastructure and computer systems (Servers, Workstations) to improve their daily operations.


What does a MSP do for your business?

Fundamentally, an MSP will monitor your network and computers, identifying and solving issues before they cause bigger problems. They should also be able to perform proactive maintenance to keep your current equipment running at its’ most efficient level.


Are all MSPs pretty much the same?

The most basic MSPs will have tools to remotely monitor and manage your computers and technology. Mature MSPs will also have highly qualified and friendly staff with an abundance of knowledge. They will provide both strategic vision and enterprising solutions for your company so you can meet your business goals, deliver results and enhance the company’s position.  The Best MSPs, like ACE Technology Group, will also bring enterprise-grade infrastructure to you, so you don’t have to make large technology capital investments. Your business will benefit from having access to resources and technology that typically is only available to large businesses.


How are MSP vs break/fix IT Consultants different?

A break/fix company will generally resolve issues after the problem has already occurred.  They will provide basic IT services but will not be providing the on-going support that a company needs; such as cyber-security, proactive monitoring, or recommending new equipment when necessary for optimal performance and high availability. A break fix IT consultant has little incentive to proactively fix potential issues. They may wait for a system to fail so it becomes a larger problem requiring more “billable hours” to resolve.

At ACE Technology Group, we structure our Service Level Agreement so that we are financially incented to proactively identify and resolve issues. This is a win for the customer, since they now have a dedicated team who is more interested in keeping computers running optimally than waiting for an eminent failure to cause hours (or days) of billable work.


What kind of companies are good candidates for managed services?

Businesses in any industry and of all sizes can benefit from managed services. Outsourcing your IT can leave room for you staff to focus on other tasks and creates more time to prioritize growing and maintaining your business.


Why choose ACE Technology Group over another MSP?

Most small and medium sized businesses are not able to create and maintain the IT infrastructure they need and most MSPs can’t offer the enterprise-grade infrastructure that will benefit your business. With ACE Technology Group as your IT partner, you’ll have a dedicated Remote IT Department instantly available with the expertise and security your company needs in the ever-changing technology world.

ACE Technology Group is your trusted and easy-to-reach IT Department. ACE is not only an asset to your company, but also a vital partner to keep your business running smoothly.  We care that your company is running at its’ most efficient and at the safest level possible.  We will always provide you and your staff with excellent customer service and resolve your questions or problems as quickly as possible.  ACE is so much more than IT support and we would be happy to explain how we can specifically benefit your company and your industry.


How quickly can I expect an IT problem or question to be addressed?

We have multiple ways to get in touch with our technicians. The easiest way is to create a service ticket right from your PC using our remote management agent. You can also email and call us for emergencies. During our business hours, ACE technicians have an impressive response rate averaging around 15 seconds before answering your phone call. And we have a technician on-call for after hours emergencies as well.


Do your techs come to my business when I have a problem?

Most IT problems can be resolved remotely very quickly by our ACE technicians. When the situation requires on-site service, we will coordinate with your staff to schedule the best time to arrive and quickly dispatch a qualified technician.